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Marriott Vacation Club Timeshares

As the first major hospitality company to enter the timeshare industry, Marriott Vacation Club (MVC) set the standard of excellence for timeshare. With one of the most recognized brands in the industry, Marriott offers elite accommodations all over the world. From 53 Marriott timeshare resorts to unlimited adventures though the World Traveler Collection, no one does timeshare like Marriott.

Since 1984, Marriott has offered one of the most popular vacation clubs in the industry. Currently, there are over 400,000 Marriott Vacation Club members, with more joining every day. MVC offers elite accommodations and customer service, making Marriott timeshares some of the best on the market.

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Marriott Timeshare Ownership

As one of the most flexible programs in the industry, Marriott Vacation Club provides more options than almost any other timeshare brand. Whether you prefer to travel the same week every year or a different season each time, there’s a Marriott timeshare ownership available for you.

There are two types of Marriot Vacation Ownership available on the resale market: Weeks and Points.

Marriott Timeshare Weeks

With a week ownership, you’ll be provided with one week to travel every year, or every-other-year for biennial ownerships. Use your vacation week to visit your home resort or use Interval International to exchange your week for another Marriott resort. For an internal exchange—within the Marriott network—you can either reserve a different week at your home resort or reserve the same fixed week number at a different resort. If you choose to exchange externally through Interval International, as a Marriott owner you’ll still have a priority booking period should you desire both a different week AND resort.

Marriott Timeshare Points

The points-based timeshare membership is known as Marriott Vacation Club Destinations. With this program, vacation owners can purchase an allotment of points to use as travel currency. Each year you can choose to use your Marriott points to travel to a variety of in-network resorts.

Depending on the amount of points owned, you can book your week 12-13 months prior to your desired travel date. Those with 13,000 points and above have the most flexibility and have priority to book 13 months in advance with no minimum stay requirement. Those with 6,500-12,999 points can book 13 months in advance and 6,500 points or less must wait until 12 months prior to booking. Both of these levels have a 7-day minimum stay requirement. Destinations members in the low–mid-level range can book vacations of less than 7 days 10 months prior to travel dates.

You can also bank your points for future use, should you decide to not use your vacation time in a given year.

Marriott Vacation Club Locations

There are over 50 Marriott timeshare resorts across the U.S., Europe, Thailand, and the Caribbean. Choose from a variety of accommodations for every sized group. From traditional one-, two-, and three-bedroom units to expansive townhomes and villas, you’re sure to have enough room for the whole family.

You can also travel to thousands of Marriott hotels through The Marriott Collection. Available to members of Marriott Vacation Club Destinations, with the Marriott Collection you can travel using JW Marriott, Renaissance, Courtyard by Marriott, and all other Marriott Hotels. Simply convert your Vacation Club Points to Marriott Rewards Points to redeem at thousands of resorts around the globe.

By increasing the flexibility of ownership, Marriott has created more opportunities for timeshare owners than ever before. Now Marriott owners can also travel using the Explorer and World Traveler Collections. Discover the more adventurous side of vacation ownership through unique travel packages, exclusive only to Marriott members.

Marriott Timeshare Resale

Although Marriott timeshares provide some of the best accommodations in the industry, they can also come with a hefty price tag. However you can save thousands when you buy Marriott timeshares on the resale market. Timeshare Brokers Services can help you to find your dream ownership through a Marriott timeshare resale for up to 70% off resort prices.

In addition, a licensed broker can assist you in negotiating the best available offer, making vacation ownership truly affordable.

To sell or buy Marriott Vacation Club timeshare, simply call us at 877-884-9577 to speak with a broker today.

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