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Fractional Ownership

Fractional ownership provides the luxury of using a vacation home, but with more flexibility and a better value. A unique form of timeshare, fractionals have gained much popularity among travelers in the last decade.

How Fractional Ownership Works

Just like a traditional timeshare, when you buy a fractional ownership you are purchasing a share of a vacation home or resort. The ability to purchase a share rather than the entire unit, allows a more affordable option for travelers. The biggest difference is that a fractional owner actually has their name included on the title of the home or unit.

Who Should Consider Fractional Ownership?

This type of vacation ownership is perfect for those individuals who travel multiple times each year, or for weeks at a time. Unlike traditional timeshare, fractional shares can vary from one-thirteenth share (4 weeks) to one-half share (26 weeks). Depending upon your ownership details you may have a fixed fractional usage, or have the flexibility to reserve a variety of weeks.

Fractional Ownership Resale

Perhaps the best benefit of fractional ownership is the opportunity to resell. If your fractional property increases in price or value during your period of ownership, you have the option to sell your fractional share for a profit. As more travelers are turning away from traditional hotels, fractional ownership is continuing to increase in popularity and demand.

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