Disney Vacation Club Points

Disney Vacation Club Points—called Vacation Points—provide the ultimate travel flexibility. With multiple purchase levels, almost anyone can afford to own timeshare with Disney Vacation Club (DVC). The minimum points required for membership is currently 160 points, but you can own up to 2,000. The amount of points you own determines when and how you can travel.

With your timeshare Vacation Points, you can travel to any of the DVC resorts. Resorts, length of stay, and units available to you will depend upon your allotted points for the current use year. See below to learn how to use Disney points.

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DVC Vacation Points Value

Each DVC Resort Villa and week will be assigned a designated Vacation Points value. Factors such as resort, location, unit size, and week number will all influence the amount of points required to book a vacation. Like most timeshares, more popular resorts and weeks will require more points. When booking a reservation, you have the option to use all of your points at once or separate them into multiple trips. You’ll also have the option to use some of your points and bank the rest. See below for suggested options for DVC Vacation Points usage.

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Ways to Use Your Points

51 Vacation Points – 3 nights in a Deluxe Studio at The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa in September

106 Vacation Points – 3 nights in a One-Bedroom Villa (Savanna View) at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas during Memorial Day Weekend

144 Vacation Points – 7 nights in a One-Bedroom in Europe during Mid-Season

160 Vacation Points – 3 nights in a One-Bedroom (Theme Park View) at Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

217 Vacation Points – 7 nights in a Deluxe Studio at Aulani, Disney Vacation Villas for Christmas Week

Note: Point usage examples are based on 2013 travel dates.

Banking Points

If you are unable to use your DVC points for the year, you can bank them directly with Disney Vacations. Simply bank your Disney Vacation Points within the first eight months of the use year and you’ll be able to save those points for future use.

Borrowing Points

If you anticipate needing more points than your yearly allotment, Disney will allow you to borrow points from your next year. Borrowing points provides even more flexibility to your membership. You may use these extra points to upgrade to a bigger unit, a more popular resort, or a longer trip. You may also use a mixture of banked, borrowed, and current year’s points at once. Be aware, whether you use borrowed or banked points you may only use up to 3 years of points at one time.

Transferring Points

Once a year, Disney Vacation Club will allow you to transfer Vacation Points to another member. This is a great option for friends or family to share the benefits of Disney vacation ownership. Both parties must be in good standing with DVC and be up-to-date on membership dues. If you purchase a DVC timeshare resale, your first set of points may be transferred from the previous owner. If the previous owner has already used their yearly allotment, you may need to wait until the next use year to travel. If you wish to transfer points to another person, simply provide written confirmation to DVC.

One-Time Use Disney Vacation Club Points

Every now and then you may need a few extra Vacation Points to plan your dream Disney vacation. Fortunately, DVC provides its owners with the option to purchase one-time use points. DVC members can purchase up to 24 additional points per year for one-time use. This can be a great option to those families looking to take an extra-long trip or upgrade a unit to accommodate a larger group. These additional points can be purchased at $15 per point, although fees are subject to change at any time. These points cannot be banked, borrowed, or applied to existing reservations.

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