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DAE Timeshare Exchange

DAE—formerly known as Dial An Exchange—is one of the leading timeshare exchange companies in the world. Offering free membership, low exchange fees and an easy-to-use program, you’ll never have to worry about staying at a traditional hotel again.

Founded in 1997, DAE started in Australia and has now grown to 11 offices including locations in Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, UK, USA, South Africa, New Zealand, India, China, and Thailand. With DAE, timeshare owners can deposit their unused times weeks and exchange them for a variety of travel options. Simply deposit your timeshare week online with DAE’s hassle-free process and receive a one-week exchange credit good for 7 nights at any available resort.

With a unique approach to vacation exchange, DAE offers an even-exchange program. With DAE there are no complicated exchange limitations, just a simple week-for-week exchange. You’ll be able to book any reservation at an available resort.

You’ll need a timeshare to join DAE, but you can buy a discounted timeshare resale in order to join. To buy a timeshare to use with DAE’s exchange system, search our timeshares for sale, call 877-884-9577 now, or fill out the form to the right to get started today.

DAE Membership

Perhaps the most unique aspect of DAE’s exchange program is that basic membership is free. That’s right, there is no fee required at sign-up. Members only pay after reserving an exchange week. DAE also features some of the lowest exchange fees in the industry. For travel in 2013, the DAE exchange fee was a flat fee of $135 (US dollars).

Even if you are a member of another timeshare exchange company such as RCI or Interval International, you can still join DAE. Other DAE benefits include:

  • Free Guest Certificates so that you can travel with friends and family
  • Unlimited rentals and bonus weeks with basic membership
  • Access to daeOptions resorts to book non-timeshare accommodations at the same great resorts

You can also upgrade your membership to DAE’s Gold Advantage.

DAE Gold Advantage

If you travel frequently, DAE Gold Advantage may be your best available option. Although DAE offers a free membership option, the Gold Advantage package allows you to book more vacations for a small fee. With this program you’ll receive an additional 10% off already low-priced Exchange Fees and Bonus Weeks. You’ll also receive priority booking, allowing you access to newly deposited weeks 14 days before those with general membership. You can also receive priority on wait list reservations.

In between vacations, DAE Gold Advantage members in the U.S. also have access to thousands of discounts on house-hold items such as electronics, jewelry, furniture, and other items as well as heavily discounted golf, dining, theme parks, and sporting event packages across the nation.

DAE Timeshare Exchange

Timeshare exchange is easy with DAE. With instant online booking and a no-hassle process, you can exchange your current week for a completely different vacation in a matter of minutes.

Depositing a Week with DAE

If you do not plan to use your timeshare week this year, you can deposit it for exchange with DAE. When you deposit your week with DAE it will go into the Exchange Pool. In return you will receive a one-week Exchange Credit. You can use this credit instantly or save it for up to three years. If you own timeshare points, you’ll first need to reserve a week with your resort before you can deposit it with DAE.

Selecting an Exchange Week

Once you’ve deposited your vacation week, you’ll receive a credit to exchange. Search through thousands of weeks available in DAE’s inventory. With the simple week-for-week exchange, you’ll never have to worry about paying an upgrade fee. Simply search through available vacations and use your one-week credit towards booking a reservation.

You can also wait to deposit your week until you find your dream vacation. Search available weeks and book your vacation instantly. Then deposit your week as payment for your reservation. Once your booking and deposit are complete, you’ll receive confirmation and pay your affordable exchange fee

Bonus Weeks

DAE offers members the last-minute opportunity to book what are known as Bonus Weeks. Six weeks before check-in, DAE will send out a list of discounted, last-minute rentals available only to DAE members. The best part is you do not need to have a week to deposit or exchange in order to use these Bonus Weeks.

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