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RCI Timeshare Points Exchange

RCI Points

RCI's Points program is a service offered to RCI members to make their timesharing experience even more flexible. Within RCI, Points act as a form of in-network currency. The Points Program allows owners to trade their property for a certain number of points, or, depending on the program selected, affords owners a certain number of points every year.

Owners can then use these points to "purchase" time at one of the resorts in the spacebank. Points allow owners to choose the number of days they'd like to vacation, and afford more flexibility as to when and where vacationing is possible. And Points can be "banked" or saved up, to purchase more luxurious or highly-desirable resort locations. An RCI Weeks Program is included with the Points Program.

The Points program is an enhanced service of RCI's traditional Weeks program, and as such, a Weeks program is included automatically and gratis. We offer thousands of properties affiliated with RCI Points to choose from. Find one and explore them all! Get started today!

Featured Properties

Grand Mayan Acapulco

Price: $0.00

Hilton Club New York

Sale Includes 9,000 Annual Points!
Sale Includes 9,000 Annual Points!

Price: $22000.00